Version 1.0

I resisted computers for many years. Finally I broke down and entered the computer age along about the year 2000. I bought a Dell Deminsion 8100 and it was near the top of the line. It ran at a sizzling 1.3 GHz.

I began to find my way around the Internet. It was a very interesting world. I discovered that my ISP provided some server space for a personal web page. I knew nothing about web authoring but I thought that it might be fun to put up a page since I had the space. 

I searched around and found the freeware web editor called NVu. Free was a very good feature, so I downloaded it and began to play around. I got some jumble on a page and uploaded it to the web. There may have been a version 1.5 along the way as I began learning a few more things.

Version 2.0

Playing with the editor I discovered tables. Tables worked logically and I put together a page with a table based layout. It did put some order to the jumble. I also found a user forum for NVu and began to hang out there a bit to learn more about using the editor. There is a 'Show Your Site' section on the forum, so I put up a link to my pages there. The experienced users complained because it was a tables based layout. They introduced me to using css for layout.

Version 2.5

I started learning a bit about css. It required a different approach. Css is logical, but the logic is completely different than the logic for tables. I succeeded in emulating most of the old tables based layout with css and updated the site. The look of the updated site was nearly the same as the 2.0 version, but the code base was much better.

Version 3.0

This is the version that you will see around you. It is css based and uses a good bit of simple php. There are two or three columns (I haven't decided at this time) for various information. There is a top and bottom nav bar, but much of the site is reached through the left navigation menu.

New for Version 3.0

  • New Layout
  • About Wink Page
  • Left Nav Paine
  • This History Page
  • Contact Page
  • Speak to Me Page
  • Other Interests Page

Some of these pages were available before as shared pages with my AudioArt site. On the original space the two sites were very heavily cross linked. With this update they are less heavily crosslinked, so I am making some new pages on this site.

For the earlier log see the Site History Archive.

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