At the present  time I am establishing a few sites that will carry advertising.  The first phase of this venture includes one dot com and three dot info sites that are designed to feed the dot com site. I have added a few more domains and may add more later. As it is I have plenty of work for my slow season lined up for myself right now.  If traffic should grow there could be a bit of income from the venture.  There is a new program in Internet advertising that is about to be implemented on the net.  This is a five second audio spot on opening a page.  I am signed up for this program and the Google adsense program.  If you would like to check out the sites they are:


For a full list with some descriptions see my WebSite Directory.

There are a few other domain names that point to these sites. The last four are areas in which I have special interest. I hope to make them interesting sites to visit as time allows. I will probably put up forums on a couple of these sites. The mc-rally site will be a directory of events around the country. The pictures site will showcase many of my photos and I am planning to put up galleries submitted by others.

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