Photography is a long time hobby interest of mine. I have had a few nice cameras over the years. I currently shoot with a Canon S2-IS camera that is very capable. I like to take pictures of flowers. Mostly I take nature shots. 

I do also take pictures of decorations on motorcycles. There is some beautiful airbrush and pinstripe artwork to be seen at the rallies. I don't take many pictures of people, although I have taken some pictures of special outfits and get-ups at the rallies.

I primarily am interested in still photography, but the current digital cameras will take video. I have played with the capability a bit and have four clips up on youTube.

I have a photo gallery site called Number One Pictures. I have also used some of my images processed in a photo editor to produce background images for my site Symmetrical Backgrounds.


WoodWorking can be very rewarding. I built most of the speaker cabinets that I use in my business. I have also built many things around the house. I now have the tools that make the jobs easier. I have both table and radial arm saws in my shop. I have a belt and an orbital sander. I have a planer and a drill press. I have an electric deck screw gun and a cordless drill/screwdriver.

All the toys make any project that I might undertake easier and more fun. Sometimes if I am doing a small project for someone I bring the wood to the shop and pre-cut it here. Then I go to the site and assemble the project.


I consciously stayed away from computers for several years. I suspected that I could become fascinated with them. I finally took the plunge in about 2000. I bought a next to the top of the line Dell Deminsion 8100. It was a very nice computer in its day.

I learned a bit more about the machines and discovered that they were easy to assemble from stock parts. I have built several computers and upgraded several more in the past few years. I am past due for an upgrade, but with the state of the economy and my personal income I think that I will wait. The last generation box that I run is still a very good computer.

The Internet

The Internet expanded the world. Information is readily available on any subject. I learned a good bit about computers from the Tom's Hardware Forum, and I have participated in several other forums along the way. 

I started up with a dial-up connection with a usage limit. Soon I went for an unlimited package and was looking for broadband service. I checked on DSL several times but it was not available in my neighborhood. Someone told me that I could get cable Internet.

I now have turbo-cable. I primarily have it because the upload speed is around four times that of the regular service. The download speed was fine with regular cable, but uploading websites to my hosting space took some time.

Web Site Design and Development

The history page on the site details the odyssey of this site. I have many other sites up on the web. This site and the business sister site is where it all started. I enjoy building the sites and learning more about site building and design. For a listing of many of my sites with descriptions see the link at the bottom of the page.

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