I put up a My Links page when I put the site together in the spring of 2007.  I kept adding links to friends and bands and things.  The page had become very long.  Since I am redoing the site now, I decided to devide the page into several pages.   I will combine some of my old catagories so that I will not be building as many pages as I had columns in the old links page.  Part of the reason for doing this is because a page analyser to which I submitted the old page complained about too many links.  This is not really a problem because it is, after all, a links page, but it will be a while before the analyser complains again if I do this.  Below the line is the original interductory text that I had on the old 'My Links' page.

Here are some links that have been of some interest to me. In some cases the classification is a bit ambiguous. Many of the bands are artists are also friends. The friends and associates tend to be artists. The venues and employers are places and people with whom I have worked or have work scheduled. Interesting sites are just that. The etailer are online stores that have given me good service. The games are fun little time wasters. Fun Clicks are short subjects that I have found amusing. The collection of freeware are applications that I use. If you would like your site listed or if you find any broken links please let me know here.

For write-ups of events check my Gig Blog and Rally Blog on my AudioArt Sound Site. 

For links to bands and artist, click HERE.

For links to Venues and Employers, click HERE.

For links to the pages of friends, click HERE.

For Games and other fun clicks, click HERE.

For Freeware Applications and Etailers, click HERE.

For a peek at some of my other websites, click HERE.

Below are some other sites that I find ineresting.

Kid of Speed

Post Secret

Old Gas Stations

Classic Cars

Speed Test

Oldies Music

ATLAS of Plucked Instruments

SEO Checker

Global Incident Map

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