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There is a new look about the site. There is the new color scheme and the left navigation panel. I hope that it is easier to get around the site. I also have added a 'Speak to Me' page. I hope that you will stop by and say hello or leave a comment. An other new page with this site rebuild is my 'Other Interests' page. 

I have revamped the old site to better reflect the sites that I am now building. If you wish to follow the saga there is a Site History Page and archive. I finally gave up the clock. The display that I had used was horizontal and I would have needed to get a different script to fit the space available. Your computer knows what time it is anyway.

The site is mostly to display a few of my pictures and offer some of my interesting links. Perhaps some of the links should be moved to the AudioArt Sound site, but I am leaving them here for now. I did add an about Wink page with a short biography. Stay tuned for other changes or additions that I may make.

Have a Great Day!


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It’s Set in Cyber-Stone
Fri, 14 Feb 2014 03:17:12 +0000 - Mixer in a Box was one of the sites that I was not sure how to treat with the current round of code updates. The site uses an actual header background image that is an adaptation of the software UI. Since monitors no longer have rounded corners I did not want to use the CSS3 rounded corners for the top of the pages. I did want to give the site a slightly different look as well as doing the code update. I chose to round the corners on the bottom of the page. I effected the changes on the main site and the two sub-sections of the site. I had given the blog four rounded corners when I went through the blogs, so I undid the changes to the top of the page and added the same color border on the page as I had used on the main site. The other sub-section, based on the ArticleMS script, received the same treatment. MiaB is only about 15 pages so the update was fairly quick. While I was there I noticed that I need a few pages as well as finishing some of the promised content pages. Those are items to […]
Beautifing the Article Directories
Tue, 11 Feb 2014 02:45:50 +0000 - Five of the six article directories, as well as most of the instances of the script in other applications, have pretty CSS3 rounded corners. Once I got into the swing of things it did not take too long. The layout is the same on all of the directory sites so it was mostly copy/paste from my test bed installation and then adjusting the colors of the font in the header. There was one hitch of which I became aware a bit after the update. There is a special print view. It does not have the header or nav sections, just the article content. In the course of business I had occasion to look at a print view page. All that was there was the body background image with the content on it. The body background images are not meant to have content so the content had little contrast and was very difficult to read. I think that it would have printed fine but it did not look good.I needed to add a bit of css to make things work right. This is all taken care of now as well as in the other instances of the script. The reason that […]
Off My Butt
Thu, 06 Feb 2014 23:00:07 +0000 - I cleaned up the nav mess at The PCApp Store site today. When I did the CSS3 update to the site I noted that some of the pages came up with the wrong nav information in the left nav column. I sorted through the site to identify which pages had problems and corrected the problems both on the pages and in the nav include files where necessary. There were a few pages with other minor problems that I caught as I was going through the site so I took care of those problems, too. The user experience will now be improved. There are still several things that need to be taken care of on the site as far as updating the code, but those things are not seen by the public. I will update the doc type to HTML5 and replace some on page code with an include file so that I can open the pages in BlueGriffon without breaking them. I also intend to consolidate the two stylesheets into one to make one less http request on initial load of the site. This site has become my highest traffic site, meaning it is my site that Google finds least […]
A Quicky
Sun, 02 Feb 2014 06:40:14 +0000 - Gemstone Jewelry Now is a mini-site about, you guessed it, gemstone jewelry. There are only a few simple pages, nothing fancy. I updated the doc type to HTML5 and added the curved CSS3 look to the site. I also added the CSS3 corners to the blog. How’s that for quick??
Keeping With the Program
Sat, 01 Feb 2014 22:23:15 +0000 - I have done the 2014 code update to Mixing Live Sound and its auxiliary parts. On the main site I updated the pages to HTML5 as well as adding the rounded corners. While I was fussing with the pages I set up the pages with my comment form to include the script parts that BlueGriffon does not like so I can open the pages in BG without concern. I also consolidated my secondary stylesheet with my primary stylesheet, saving one http request. Earlier in my career as a webmaster I had the bright idea of putting the ‘skin’ css code in a separate css file. This makes it easy to find the important entries if I choose to change the appearance of the site, but it requires the browser to call for two separate stylesheets when the page first loads. There are only a few rules in the skin stylesheet so the file is very small as far as download time, but the extra call is unnecessary. I had also done something silly when I did the update last year. I had made a copy of the site in a sub-folder and worked from that copy. The files in the […]
How to Trick An Obstinate Web Editor
Sun, 26 Jan 2014 03:15:39 +0000 - The Problem I have used KompoZer or its predecessor NVu for all of my web authoring in the past. It was a good freeware editor and has been of great value to me. Time moves on and development of KompoZer is stalled at this time. The original lead programmer for the NVu project has a new web editor available called BlueGriffon. I have begun looking at BG and I have posted my experience on my site: http://learningbluegriffon.informationhere.net. There is one problem with BlueGriffon that had made me think that I would not be able to use it with many of my pages. I built the Learning BlueGriffion site using the BG editor. As a part of the site I wanted to use a comment script that I use on many sites. The comment form uses javascript to pull file paths for some elements. BG insists on escaping the symbols used in the script breaking the script. KompoZer has a checkbox in preferences that allows the user to prevent this from happening. I could no equivalent setting in BlueGriffon. Without that facility any page that I edit in BG that uses the comment form will end up with a broken comment […]
More Pretty Rounded Corners Thanks to CSS3
Thu, 23 Jan 2014 03:36:54 +0000 - I have a few sites that I built with commercial intent. The site with the most traffic is the PCApp Store site. Since it gets more traffic than other sites I went ahead with the CSS3 update to the site. This site is another with three sections. I have done the main pages of the static site, although there are still sub-pages to update. I also did the blog section and have just finished with the Article MS portion of the site. All sections will display with rounded corners on modern browsers. Writing this post reminded me of the sub-page situation so I am off to correct that oversight.
Progress Continues and a NotePad++ Tip
Thu, 23 Jan 2014 02:13:18 +0000 - The update to the gallery pages on MC-Rally is done and live. After looking over the pages and thinking about what needed to be done I elected to use the global find and replace function in NotePad++ to do the job. Rebuilding the pages probably would have taken slightly longer as the output of my script needs to be tidied up a bit after the script runs including a file rename and a find and replace run in NP++ and a couple of extra lines to be deleted (also NP++ runs). Near the end of my processing it dawned on me that there is a dropdown arrow on the input boxes of the Find and Replace dialog. Checking the dropdown I saw that my recent work was available to fill in the blanks. I saved a bit of time after I discovered that utility but could have saved much more if I had been paying attention in the past. Now all I have to do is remember that the function is there when I use the feature in the future. The cosmetic update is done for MC-Rally. I do have some pictures from last season that I have not yet […]
CSS3 Changes Implemented Across Site
Tue, 21 Jan 2014 23:59:28 +0000 - After this blog the first site that I updated with the new look was MC-Rally.com. This was an interesting project as there is the static site and three separate CMS based sections. The main site consists of static pages and gallery pages. The gallery pages have not been fully updated at this point as I am trying to decide the best method of updating those. I could just rebuild the pages and may do that or I may attack them with the global find and replace in NotePad++. They should be a good candidate for the global find and replace since they are all based on a template so should be laid out the same. The blog section proved to be little problem as I had the experience of updating this blog. There was one minor difference because of the border that I use on this site. I had to apply a different set of values to the header and footer sections to compensate for the border around the site. The most hectic portions of the site to update were the two separate installations of the ArticleMS software. Actually, only one required work and the second was just copy and […]
Article MS Progress Report
Tue, 21 Jan 2014 00:50:45 +0000 - I fussed with my test install of Article MS a bit this evening. I can report that I was almost successful in converting the header section to a div based layout. The actual header section was not too much of a problem, but the horizontal nav bar has not been so co-operative. I have most of the problems worked out with it, but there is one remaining glitch. Later . . . I banged my head for far too long on this one. I wrote css rules ’til I was blue in the face. Finally the little light bulb in the thought bubble above my head flashed on. Sometimes the order of the tags in the code is important. In this case I needed to move the code for one div up two spaces. Then everything snapped into place and the test bed site displays as I wish. The tables are gone from the header and nav bar sections of the page. I haven’t tackled the table based layout of the main content section at this point. I may try that later. I have many sites to update and I want to get the display part of these sites out […]
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